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Comic Bundle: Lost Time #1-7 and The Citric Arc

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300+ pages of comics. Comprised of the Lost Time (comics anthology) and the Citric Arc (graphic novel).

About Lost Time:

Lost Time is an anthology of stories about the irretrievable past, the opaque future, and the choices available in the moments in between the two.

About the individual issues:


Against her grandfather's warnings, Wren attempts to enter the outside world. Through her attempts, she learns distressing truths and begins to question her surroundings.

The Grown-Up Game

Joel is unexpectedly given custody of a son he has never met. As a result, he has to decide when and how to integrate past choices into his current reality.

The People Downstairs

Reporter Christopher Everett is assigned to investigate the growing communities of people living below city centers. Torn between fear and sympathy, Christopher becomes increasingly incensed at what he sees. However, he still chooses to redact a specific encounter.

Star Opus

Determined to see his girlfriend before her family moves to the other side of the world, 15-year-old Arthur enlists the help of his older brother in order to spend one more day with her.

You Were Perfect

Delilah has an exceptionally good memory, which can cause her to not only remember events, but relive them. Because of this, bouts of anxiety induced by painful experiences make it nearly impossible for her to come to terms with reality. As each compounding memory threatens to overwhelm her, she struggles to live in the present moment.


Simon just wants to be left alone, but people have a hard time letting their expectations and assumptions go.

The Sun and the Air

The deserts of the Southwest. Out here, life is sparse. It is shriveled, barren, and thirsty. Through those dry lands, Wes Iyler travels to nowhere, lost in his own thoughts until he picks up a hitchhiker heading for the ocean.

About The Citric Arc:

Despite growing up in the same household and being only one year apart in age, Sienna and Azure often find themselves at odds. To Sienna, Azure's carefree nature seems selfish, while Azure views Sienna's pragmatism as snobbery. Because of this, both girls accumulate feelings of distrust and bitterness, which may make a true reconciliation impossible, unless unforeseen circumstances intervene.

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Lost Time issue 1-7 (26 pages per issue), The Citric Arc (126 pages)

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Comic Bundle: Lost Time #1-7 and The Citric Arc

0 ratings
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